Bhim the Red Panda with Ben, the founder of Presence Design.



I’m Ben, the Founder and Director of Presence Design.

Small business is the best, isn't it? 

I’ve known that I wanted to start a business of my own that could have a positive influence on the world since I was a child. This dream began in 2003 when I was gifted my first copy of Zoo Tycoon, and now it's developed into a real business with a passion for helping people forge their own path, helping people just like you create the businesses that they love.

Small businesses, sustainable businesses and freelancers come with passion and heart that you just can't find anywhere else, and I hope to reflect this passion and heart in our work to make your business look great.

So let's start designing your business' future, together. Let's start by giving your business one hell of a presence.
Map of Presence's beginnings



Small to Medium Enterprises

SMall and sustainable enterprises

Presence is all about growing smaller businesses or businesses with a sustainable focus. We know your passion and aim to reflect that in what we create.
Range of Industries

Range of Industries

We’ve worked with businesses from all sorts of industries that have a passion for what they do.
Digital and Print Media


While we are primarily digital, we definitely include core print media in out wheelhouse, from business cards to important document templates.
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