"A brand is the holistic sum of customers' experiences, composed of visual, tonal, and behavioural brand components, many of which are shaped by interaction design."
- Kate Kaplan

The design of your brand is every way that your brand interacts with customers, both established and returning.

You might want your branding to just be a logo for digital purposes, but branding is so much more than this. It's the fonts you use, it's the colours and the designs, the photos the filters, the way you write your content. A strong brand touches on every feeling that your brand represents.
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In order to create a brand that is consistent across platforms, it is a good idea to get a whole branding package developed, which can include everything from stationery and business cards to clothing and vehicle wrapping designs.

There are so many file types out there and some of them are better than others for different purposes, in fact, a lot of the time these can only be accessed and created by particular, specialised programs. We make sure you have all of the industry recognised files ready to go for whatever you need.
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Brand development

Who are your customers? Where do they hang out? Why do they hang out there? What problem do they want to solve? How will you help them solve this problem? We work all the W's and the H to determine where in your market you are positioned.

We need to determine what your business is offering and what you do for your customer, to be able to make sure that your brand will fit in well with your market and customer expectations, while simultaneously standing out amongst your competitors and exploring beyond expectations.

03. Concept design
Get the sweetest looking logo and colour palette concepts for your business, we can revise them together and make a decision based on what you want for your business.

04. Brand package
Get all the pieces together, including logo designs and templates for every social media cover and profile pic, some initial concepts for stationery and merch, your colour palettes and fonts and every piece you want done for your business in one handy little readout with the deliverable assets attached, ready for you (in the correct file types) to send to wherever you need.

We aim to be intimately knowledgeable with your brand and to reflect that both competently and with consistency.

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asked questions

What's in a branding package?

It can consist of multiple things, but to get started it will have a few concepts for logos and colour schemes, then after revisions:

Completed logo + variables depending on situation
Colour palette and logo usage with colours
Font, text usage with colours
Background design for digital use
Social Media cover/profile picture - multiple platform optimisation
Basic stationery mockups

It can also include:
Completed stationery designs
Clothing designs
Vehicle Wrapping designs

Once I've built a brand, is it set in stone?

Absolutely not! A brand is a constantly evolving thing. Your goals and your business change just as much as you do, so keeping the way your business appears to customers is important to keeping the

How do we come up with a brand?

Step one: Who is your customer?
Step two: What do you want your business to become? What is it's personality
Step three: Find crossover and make it look stunning

Do we need to meet and chat first?

It is very much preferred. It doesn't need to be in person, but it is optimal for Presence to hear about you, your business, your aspirations, your reasons for starting your business, where you sit in the market etc. All of these things help build the brand into the best it can be.

How much does a branding package cost?

It can vary, depending on how many hours need to be put in. Things that affect how many hours are put in:

The number of initial concepts you want developed
Detailed stationery concepts (e.g. ready-for-print business card designs)
Clothing concepts
Vehicle concepts
Any other requests on top of the standard package

Get in contact if you're after a quote before we get started.

What payment methods are accepted?

Internet banking is usually best, but we can do credit card payments. The info is on the invoices.

What do I need to send, so you can start my project?

We need to chat first, preferably face to face, but zoom is also an option if that isn't possible. It is crucial to us that we become acquainted with your business and your goals to get going.

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