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We know you make great products and provide amazing services, but how do you show people that when you aren’t in the room?

The answer is branding. Sales and marketing can be two of the most difficult parts of running a business. It becomes a whole lot easier when your brand  combines what your target demographic wants with what your business does and values, because your business doesn’t just sell products and provide services. It fosters idyllic lifestyles and helps people solve problems. Your brand is the support team that your sales and lead generation needs. How your business looks from the outside often amounts to a significant portion of a customer’s choice to use your business over another.
Although it can be pretty difficult to measure how many people chose you because of your logo, plenty of people are willing to admit that they chose you because you look more professional, or more playful, or more down-to-earth and effective than your competitors.

Marketing is an investment that you will see a return on, and your branding is the first step on the road to getting that return. With cohesive branding, you will be well on the road to building a business that customers didn’t know they wanted, but wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Presence gives your business a presence, a voice, and an appeal, even when you aren’t in the room. Let’s get started.

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Feel free to enquire about customising any package options, or create an entirely unique quote. We’re more than happy to quote bits and pieces from multiple packages to suit your needs the best.
Bhim the Red Panda


Every ambitious sole trader, beginning startup and freelance professional needs a strong brand to support their efforts.

Everything you need to get started, or to forge a personal brand, this will get you ready for networking and digital visibility.

  • Initial Scoping Session (Coffee On Me)
  • Industry & Concept Research
  • 3 Brand Concepts+ 2 Revision Rounds
  • Primary Logo, Submark & Favicon Design
  • One-page Brand Guide
  • All file types handed over - jpeg, png & eps.
  • Social Media Digital assets - e.g. cover design, profile picture
  • Complete Business Card design


Price is GST Exclusive. Packages require 50% deposit to begin. Print costs not included.
Iroh the Snow Leopard


For the business that is investing in their branding, to look both established and outstanding.

This package is the complete branding kit and digital asset collection for your business to standout online and in-person.

  • Brand Discovery Meeting (Coffee On Me)
  • Industry & Concept Research
  • 4 Brand Concepts + 3 Revision Rounds
  • Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, Submark & Favicon Design
  • Multiple page Brand Guide
  • All file types handed over - jpeg, png & eps.
  • Social Media Digital assets - e.g. cover design, profile picture
  • Complete Business Card design
  • Custom Iconography for Web & Social Media (6 icons)
  • Additional Graphic Elements (Brand Patterning, Character Designs, Illustrations, Backgrounds +/ Graphics)
  • 5 Social Media Templates completely editable in Canva or Illustrator


Price is GST Exclusive. Packages require 50% deposit to begin. Print costs not included.

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What Our Customers Say:
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Isn’t a brand just a logo?

This is a pretty common thought, but a brand is so much more than a logo. Many designers have different ideas about how many pieces make up a brand, but Presence condenses it down to eight:

1. Values
2. Market Position
3. Voice and Language
4. Colour
5. Typography
6. Logo
7. Iconography
8. Photography

All of these pieces are important to making your business look established, quality and worth spending money on. A complete brand is consistent across all of your marketing and adds value to your business in a way that a logo alone does not.

Isn’t complete branding just for big businesses?

Brands are for businesses that want to look effective. It’s true that large businesses can spend hundreds of thousands on brand development and management, but SME’s can stick to spending a few thousand and still look better than the big businesses.

It entirely depends on where you are with your business and what your budget is for investing back into your business, which is why Presence offers different levels of branding packages, everyone from freelancers to people with 100 staff will benefit from branding.

Why should I update my brand or logo, when it is already good enough?

Often business owners start their business with a logo, and while that logo worked excellently at the time, your business has progressed, the industry has progressed and/or a long list of external events have happened that shift the logo to no longer representing your business as effectively as it can.

Businesses change and brands can be updated to match this. Even if it means keeping certain aspects of your current logo that you like, or the pieces that make your business recognisable in your industry. It’s important to evaluate your branding, even if you do eventually stick with your current branding, to avoid becoming complacent.

What if the items that I’m looking for aren’t in the branding package that I’m interested in?

We know that your business is unique, and requires its own approach to marketing, branding and business, so feel free to treat these as a starting point. If there are other pieces of branding or graphic design.

If you are interested in something that either is in a different package, or isn’t offered in any of them, we are happy to send you a free quote. If you’re unsure about what design pieces would benefit your business, we can sit down and develop some strategies with you to reach your customers as a part of a brand discovery workshop or a strategy session.

How long does a brand design usually take?

It comes down to a lot of variables. The process can be a few weeks to a few months depending on how long it takes to get feedback, how many designs you’ve ordered and how complex the designs are in the visual style.

Give it anywhere between three weeks to three months, or longer, depending on scope.

WhAT are the BENEFITs OF HAVING ALL OF the file types that you offer?

The files that we hand over are files that allow you to get the greatest usage of the piece of design we have developed. In the case of the logo, .png and .jpg files are both different image files used for different purposes, so you get both. The .eps file is a vector file, which can be scaled to whatever size you will need when opened using a particular set of programs. Having a vector file version of your logo is important for printing, embroidery, signage, vehicle wrapping and frees you up to use whatever designer you would like in future.


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