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Endurance PAckAge

To keep your brand present in the minds of your ideal clients, your Endurance Package can include:
  • Marketing materials – brochure, flyer, booklet, catalogue
  • Web design elements – backgrounds, illustrations, icons
  • Company documents – prospectus, quarterly reports
  • UI (user interface) design
  • Print or digital advertising
  • Product sheets
  • Newsletter design (print or digital)
  • Social media designs
  • Package design
  • Product design
  • Merchandise – bags, tees, hoodies, caps, gifts
  • Business cards
  • Contracts, proposals, presentations
  • Any other brand collateral you want to produce to reach your customers

starting at


per month

Price is GST Exclusive.

Custom Package

Every business is unique, so if you'd like something specifically created to suit your needs, we can do that too.

There may be a marketing project you do once a month and only want help with that specific work – that's cool, we can help. Or you may prefer to have a set number of hours available to use each month – also cool.

The beauty of having your designer on-call is that together we can decide upfront what you need and when you need it. We'll do the rest. Because we know your brand well, we can pick up a project quickly when you need something. You can get on with growing your business.

Price to be deCided

What Our Customers Say:
Masala Scents Brand Design Testimonial


HOW does a retainer package work?

We sit down with you over a coffee/tea/iced-decaf-mocha-latte or a video call to discuss your business needs and goals. Together we plan out what upcoming marketing and design work you need, and then we give you a price for getting that work done. You can breathe a sigh of relief with a plan in place and you'll know ahead of time what your expenses will be. No surprises, no stress.

is retainer work more expensive?

Absolutely not. In fact, it's a more economical way of working. It's based on us doing some upfront planning around your design needs for the coming months, so we don't have to do an extensive briefing process every time (which is usually billable time). Last-minute work and ad hoc work cost a business more over the long run. Planned work is more efficient – in planning time, design hours, print costs, advertising costs, etc.


No, not really. Retainer work has us booked in as your regular design partner. We give you priority when it comes to scheduling work. We get to know you and your brand so you get exceptional marketing and design. It's not unlimited because together we'll determine how much design work you need and how much you want to budget for each month. It's not exactly on-call … not like an after-hour surgery or anything. However, whenever we can, we'll take your emails and texts outside of regular business hours (do they even exist anymore?) and we'll do whatever we can when those urgent projects come up. We don't charge extra for this level of service – it's just how we work.


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