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Does Presence do Professional Photography?

We don’t, but we know some fantastic people that we love working with that do Professional Photography. Let us know if this is something you’re interested in!

Does Presence do Social Media Management?

We don’t, but we know some fantastic people that we love working with that do Social Media Management. Let us know if this is something you’re interested in!

Does Presence create Social Media strategies?

Not as such, we do have branding workshops that dive into reaching your ideal audience and we’re happy to sit down with you to help figure out the right platforms for you and brainstorm approaches that will help you be seen by the right people, but we don’t create complete campaign strategies.

As a design business, we are at our best when helping you develop ideas before turning them into a reality. We do know some fantastic people in the social media strategy business, as well as the social media management business, so let us know if that is something you are after and we can put you in touch!

Does Presence write copy or should I be providing the wording?

We don’t, but believe us when we tell you, we know some fantastic people that we love working with that do.  We work with these people often to create the best writing for your designs and to really create an effective result from your investment. If you’d like to provide your own writing for these designs, then by all means, feel free. If you are interested in investing in getting a career copywriting specialist for a very reasonable sum, let us know!

What social media platforms do you design for?

Realistically, we can design for any social media platform, but static imagery and designs are definitely our wheelhouse, so if it’s static images you’re after, we can do it.

We mostly work with Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram as these are effective for business marketing and are greatly enhanced by great visual designs.

What is Canva and why do you offer templates for it?

Canva is a free design platform that you can access through your internet browser that has better design capability than something like Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, but is restricted when compared to the expensive design programs used by Presence and other designers.

Canva allows us to upload designs that we create in those expensive design programs for you to be able to add and edit wording to and access whenever you would like in the future, allowing you to benefit from Presence’s ability to make some great designs for you, while still being able to edit aspects for your future posts.

What is Lightroom and what are presets?

Lightroom is a free photo editing application for both desktop and smartphones that is used by professional photographers around the world to edit the lighting and colours on their photos to take them from good to great. A ‘Preset’ for Lightroom is a pre-made set of editing options that will give your photos a similar look whenever you apply it to your photos.

Once you have a preset, you can use it to give your photos certain lighting and colourations, so your photos for social media will look consistent, and all it will take is pressing a button to apply the preset. Done! It’s a lot easier than editing photos everytime you take one, and it looks a lot better than no edits.

How do I know what print designs or social media platforms are right for my business?

Presence will let you know if we think an idea ay not be super effective for your business, and we are happy to help you come up with ideas. We are pretty up to date on social media platforms and how you can use them for business marketing, and we definitely know print media inside and out.

If you have any questions or you’d just like a sounding board for your ideas, do feel free to email Presence at


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