Creating the best version of your voice and business aesthetic for display on Social Media.

Determining who your customer is and where they spend their time, so that you can align your content towards both the ideal platforms and the customers that you're trying to reach.

Figuring out how to use Social Media to best show off your business.
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Developing content for your business on a weekly basis. Your content requires two pieces: ideas and execution. Presence is here to help with both!

Once the strategy has been developed, content can just roll off the top of your head, and Presence will always be sending you new ideas as they appear and when brainstorm sessions erupt, if you would like this assistance.

The execution of your posts will be improved, with access to our text editing, photo editing, graphic design and motion animation services every week to pull off the content for your social media.
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01. brand development and design
A strong brand is the best tool in your arsenal for representing your business. Perception is key to a customers decision to choose you over another business, and a strong brand creates the perception that you want to convey.

02. digital marketing strategy
Who are your customers? Where do they hang out? Why do they hang out there? What problem do they want to solve? How will you help them solve this problem? We work all the W's and the H to determine the best approach to reaching the right customers for your business in digital spaces.

03. social media setup
Get the coolest looking page on social media, with every design, text piece and setting ready for you to start strong on social media.

04. content creation
We provide backup for you on social media. Need help creating ideas for your next post? We will develop something for you. Have an idea but need help designing it? Done. Just want some photos edited? Absolutely.

We aim to be intimately knowledgeable with your brand and to reflect that both competently and with consistency.

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asked questions

What platforms do you work with?

If it's big in a western market, we know it. Here's a quick list:
- Facebook
- Instagram
- LinkedIn
- Mailchimp
- Google MyBusiness
- Twitter
- Tumblr
- Tiktok
- Reddit
- Snapchat
- Pinterest

Chances are, not all of these will even be useful to you, and determining which ones are best for your business is a part of strategy development.

Do you take control of my social media accounts for me?

Here's the thing: we can, BUT, what we have found in the past is that businesses find better responses and engagement when we work together to create content for your business. We are here to help you create better content and reduce the time you spend on social media.

Preferably, we will be your helpful experts that will be on call to design, edit, write, send reminders or brainstorm for your business, but leave you to make posts and respond to messages yourself.

How do we come up with a strategy?

Great question! We start with a canvas that has your ideal customer on one side and your business on the other. Then we make our way towards the middle to determine the crossover that your business has with the customer and work from there.

Do you offer initial branding and setup along with the content creation?

Heck yeah we do!

Do you charge hourly or per week?

Up to you! We can add up all the hours and bill you at the end of the month, but for those who are after a bit of certainty in their monthly bills, we charge 10% less if you want to pay us a retainer per week.

This means we will set aside a certain amount of hours per week for your business, based on budget and amount of work you are interested in. The minimum for this is one hour per week.

How often do you send invoices?

Monthly, at the end of each month.

What payment methods are accepted?

Internet banking is usually best, but we can do credit card payments. The info is on the invoices.

What do I need to send, so you can start my project?

We need to chat first, preferably face to face, but zoom is a big thing now so we can do that too! It is crucial to us that we become acquainted with your business and your goals to get going.

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