Your website is the centre of your sales team, it's the reference point for customers to find out about you and what you do, and means that it needs to look like your business, feel like your business and functionally serve your business.

However you want your website to operate, Presence can develop across Webflow, Wordpress right through to WiX to meet your business' needs and budget.

This includes optimisation for multiple devices, and building the website for the ground-up for your business.
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A website needs to look good, but it needs to reflect the feel of your business. Your brand is all about the experience that people get from interacting with your products or services, and as such, your website needs to be the pillar that holds your digital brand together.

Presence walks the line where design and functionality meet.

Let's create a design that is modern, eye-catching, but unabashedly you.
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01. CONCEPT design
Let's create a map of your site, then look at the funnel. Where do your users start and where do they need to go? The design stems from this, what buttons go where based on where you want to encourage their eyes and clicks, then we mix your unique brand into the flow to create the concept design of your site.

Presence gets to work, designing designs, animating animations, and functioning the functions so we can come to you with a working site that makes you say "hot dang, this site is going to work."

Browsing and accessing your website on a computer screen is a different experience to browsing and accessing your website on a tablet or a mobile, and it must be setup to account for this.

04. SEO
Let's get you connected to Google, and any other search engines you wish to be connected to. That way when somebody searches "fantastic local business" you pop up in the results.

We aim to be intimately knowledgeable with your brand and to reflect that both competently and with consistency.

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asked questions

What web platforms do you work with?

Well this entirely depends on your budget.

If you are running on low to get started, we are happy to build you something using WiX, a free website builder that is easy to learn, hard to master, that Presence has definitely mastered.

If your budget is reasonable, we will switch to WebFlow, which is a superior web builder and allows for some fantastic and unique looking websites, such as our very own Presence website!

Now if you're looking for a serious bit of kit, Presence has a pool of WordPress developers that we work hand-in-hand with to create a better, bigger website, designed by Presence, and coded by our developers. We are happy to bring everyone to the development table for this!

If you're ever in doubt, get in touch and we are happy to give you an idea of what can be done.

I know exactly what I want from my website, can you build it?

Probably, let's give it a go!

I have no idea what I want from my website, can you help me work it out?

Definitely, let's dive in!

Do you offer initial branding and setup along with the web design?

Heck yeah we do!

Do you charge hourly?

We come up with a fair idea of how many hours we will need to develop a project and quote you for that.

We are happy to let you know what we can create within your budget.

What other costs are involved with a website?

Every year you will have to pay both a web hosting fee and a domain hosting fee.

The domain is basically the name of the website e.g. "presencedesign.co.nz" and costs about the same as a nice pizza from an Italian joint, and multiple years can be bulk purchased to reduce that cost by a few dollars per year.

Web hosting costs more than that, and differs based on what you are wanting to host online, but you would be hard pressed to find a website that we develop cost more than $400 a year. Even then, it very rarely gets close to that mark.

What payment methods are accepted?

Internet banking is usually best, but we can do credit card payments. The info is on the invoices.

What do I need to send, so you can start my project?

We need to chat first, preferably face to face, but zoom is a big thing now so we can do that too! It is crucial to us that we become acquainted with your business and your goals to get going.

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